Wealth, Investment Management and Insurance

WIMI is focused on providing integrated non-banking financial services including life and non-life insurance, investment management, retirement services and fiduciary services. Our well-established partnership model with the Group’s banking operations is based on close collaboration and integration, and delivering financial solutions for individual, business and corporate clients in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia.


  • Integrated partnership with the Group’s banking operations with ease of access through multiple retail, business and corporate banking points of presence
  • Advice-led investment, credit and banking solutions for high-net-worth clients
  • Retail solutions to individuals and institutional propositions to corporate and business clients


  • Regulatory changes influencing business lines and services
  • Potential South African sovereign rating downgrade will impact returns on investment assets held by WIMI, and could result in currency volatility
  • Subdued credit growth and risk of rising interest rates impacts growth for credit-related lines

Looking ahead

To achieve its objectives, WIMI prioritises:

  • building on the integration successes with RBB, and accelerating seamless customer and client engagement and enablement through customer and client value propositions in response to their life stage journeys;
  • consolidating Rest of Africa growth – extracting greater value from the existing footprint while simplifying and ensuring greater empowerment within the business model;
  • growing and retaining premium flows and assets under management;
  • leveraging internal and external distribution channels to maximise new business and flows;
  • investing in customer, digital and data capabilities to support competitive market positioning and achieve targeted growth;
  • optimising technology to drive operational efficiencies and automation through robotics and upgrading of our core platform environments;
  • improving market visibility to build awareness of our wider range of offerings (Bank • Invest • Insure) to attract new customers;
  • embedding Shared Growth through financially inclusive products and services and including more SMEs within our service value chain as service providers;
  • attracting and retaining top talent; and
  • embedding a robust risk and control environment.