2016 Board and committee attendance

Overall Board member attendance remained stable since 2015, at 95%. Included in the statistics are meetings with the regulator, board strategy meetings and training sessions. Total meetings increased to 64 (2015: 56).

We expect, and receive, significant commitment from our Board members. Besides the extensive work done through our nine committees (plus the Ad hoc committee), the Board members contribute actively to:

  • the development and monitoring of strategy;
  • the content of the financial statements, results announcements and integrated report;
  • engagement with regulators;
  • providing leadership to management; and
  • being available for matters that arise on an Ad hoc basis.

Due to the extent of their executive responsibilities at Barclays PLC, Patrick Clackson and Ashok Vaswani were unable to attend all the meetings. Ashok Vaswani has availed himself to serve on the Board for another term and the Chairman has engaged with him regarding his attendance of Board meetings. The Board remains satisfied with Ashok’s contributions. As mentioned in key elements of our corporate governance, the Barclays representation on our Board is likely to change in due course.

1 Recused from Board on 6 September and 15 December. Patrick was also recused from RemCo on 9 June and Mark was also recused from the BFC on 19 July and 5 December.
2 Daisy joined the Board, GACC and CoRC effective 17 May.
3 David resigned from the GRCMC, DAC, BFC effective 31 August, and the GACC from 1 October. He was recused from the Ad hoc committee on 21 June, 19 July, 25 October, and 13 December.
4 Jason joined the Board, GACC, GRCMC, DAC, CoRC, BFC and MC effective 1 September and the ITC from 1 November. He was recused from the Ad hoc committee on 25 October and the DAC on 14 December.
5 Mohamed resigned from BFC effective 1 October.
6 Paul joined the GACC and CRCMC effective February; was a member of CoRC from February to October; and joined RemCo and DAC effective 1 October.
7 Peter was a member of the SEC until he was appointed as an Executive Director, he remains an attendee.
8 Trevor resigned from the GACC effective 17 May.
MI Mandatory invitee.
A Attendee.