As a major bank, investment manager and insurer in our various presence markets, we have significant responsibilities to our customers, clients and the public in contributing to a stable and secure environment, thereby enhancing trust in the countries’ financial systems.

Our Board Charter
  • Is the foundation document for our governance principles and related practices
  • Details matters reserved for the Board
  • Defines separate roles for the Group Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, as well as the Board’s expectations of the chairmen of our Board committees, the lead independent director and the directors
  • Outlines the mandate of our Board committees

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. Our code of conduct outlines the Values and behaviours that govern our way of working across our business. It fosters values-based decision-making, and demonstrates how our policies and practices align with our Values. Our Conduct Risk Framework helps managers test appropriate behaviours and responses to customers and clients.

Being a large listed company with presence in 12 markets providing trusted financial services to our customers and clients, our corporate culture is strongly influenced by our approach to Conduct and the need to ensure a positive impact on our customers and clients.


  • Is responsible for creating and delivering sustainable shareholder value.
  • Ensures an appropriate balance between promoting long-term sustainable growth and delivering short-term performance.
  • Oversees the management of the Group’s businesses, as assisted by various Board committees.
  • Reviews and approves the strategic objectives and policies of the Group.
  • Provides overall strategic direction within a framework of incentives and controls.

Directors’ Affairs Committee (DAC)

Corporate governance, Board nominations and related matters

Group Audit and Compliance Committee (GACC) (includes Disclosure Committee)

Internal controls, compliance, internal and external audit, accounting and external reporting

Group Risk and Capital Management Committee (GRCMC)

Risk, risk appetite, capital and liquidity management

Group Remuneration Committee (RemCo)

Remuneration and incentive arrangements, policy and disclosures, executive appointments and succession

Social and Ethics Committee (SEC)

Conduct risk, sustainability, stakeholder management, corporate citizenship, ethics, labour, diversity and inclusion, and general human resources and talent management matters

Information Technology Committee (ITC)

IT systems, data, architecture and innovation, resilience and return on investment

Board Finance Committee (BFC)

Financial results, annual budgets, and acquisitions and disposals

Concentration Risk Committee (CoRC)

Credit exposures above 10% of the Group’s qualifying capital and reserves, portfolio exposures, applicable impairment trends and concentration risks

Models Committee (MC)

Approval of material models and model governance oversight

Ad hoc committee for the Barclays PLC sell-down

Oversight and guidance to management on the impact of the sell-down

Executive Committee

Is responsible for the effective management of the business and the execution of our strategy, and is supported by the following committees:

  • Treasury Committee
  • Operational Risk and Control Committee
  • Financial Risk Committee
  • Market Risk Committee
  • Execution and Operating Committee
  • Cost Board
  • Africa Investment Board
  • Africa Group Credit Committee
  • Remuneration Review Panel
  • Conduct and Reputation Risk Committee
  • Regulatory Investigations Oversight Committee
  • Africa Citizenship Leadership Council
  • Group Investment Committee