Key matters deliberated by our Board

We maintain a one-year rolling forward planner for discussions over the year. Apart from standard and regular agenda items, such as report-backs from each Board committee and comprehensive reports from the Chief Executive Officer and Financial Director, the following specific matters of material importance for the Group were tabled and deliberated at Board meetings during 2016:

  • Approval of the annual financial results
  • Enhanced oversight of the customer and client onboarding processes and the regulatory and reputational impact thereof
  • Approved an updated enterprise risk management framework, specifically for Barclays Africa and its subsidiaries
  • Integrated report – approval
  • Oversight of, and advice to, management, regarding the separation process from Barclays PLC, including the establishing of the Ad hoc committee (a Board sub-committee)
  • Training on wholesale credit, cybersecurity, and the implications of the then draft King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2016 (King IV)
  • Business reviews on the three main customer and client-facing segments (RBB, CIB and WIMI), including execution against strategy
  • Hosted the Africa chairmen’s conference in Johannesburg
  • Approved the appointment of Peter Matlare as executive director and Deputy CEO, and approved the change in management structure to form the basis of our new operating model
  • Approval of the interim financial results
  • Approved the appointment of Jason Quinn as our new Financial Director
  • Strategy session, encompassing a macroeconomic update; operating environment and competitive landscape assessment; an investment analyst’s view on our performance and market expectations; strategy by business and related risk alignment; and execution priorities
  • Further training on IFRS 9 (accounting for financial instruments) requirements, shadow banking and cybersecurity culminating in presentations to, and discussions with, the South African Reserve Bank
  • Annual meeting with the South African Reserve Bank to discuss strategy, performance, risk, and its ‘flavour of the year’ topics, including IFRS 9, shadow banking and cybersecurity
  • Training on financial crime (with speakers from the Group and the South African Financial Intelligence Centre), as well as corporate insurance risk and coverage
  • Integrated planning linked to the strategy – including a financial overview, key business initiatives, response to the macro environment and the market opportunity
  • Approval of a short and medium-term integrated plan
  • Approval of the regulatory submission in respect of the separation from Barclays PLC including the agreements reached with it